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terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all services (defined as home visits, field training visits, meet and greets, written summaries and all support email and phone conversations) by Samantha Bailey at k9confidential to the exclusion of any other terms unless otherwise agreed in writing. We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time by notice and with immediate effect. Services are only supplied in strict accordance with these terms and conditions. K9confidential reserves the right to refuse to provide a service at its own discretion.

Signatures are not required to start a contract with k9confidential; verbal communication, email or other exchanges are legally binding. This includes the vet referral and as soon as booking has occurred you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions and services are charged to the client at the agreed amount. By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected. Should k9confidential decide to waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit k9confidential to waive the same clause on any other occasion.


Full Payment is required on booking a session or a support package deal. If full payment is not possible then to secure a session a non refundable £30 deposit is required. For a support package if full payment is not possible you must sign up to a online payment plan. If payment has not been received within 24 hours of booking a date, if using a secure payment link, you will be sent one reminder and if no response is received the appointment or package will be cancelled and if you wish to book again k9confidential has the right to give a new quote. On receipt of payment a booking confirmation will be sent via email and a reminder 24 hours before your appointment. Please follow all the instructions to be sure the appointment runs smoothly. K9confidential will not be held responsible for any problems arising from the client not following instructions given. K9confidential reserves the right to cancel or change an appointment at any time by notice with immediate effect, without cause.

Cancellations and Refunds

All deposits and any payments either part or full are non refundable.

I am a small company and I am not able to offer refunds on any service unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If you need to reschedule an appointment or cancel an appointment you will be charged for the missed session except in exceptional circumstances.

If you decide to not use any additional visits paid for after an assessment or in a support package it can only be converted into credit for my other services. No refunds are given after the payment has been received on an assessment or on any packages except in extenuating circumstances.

If you have signed up to a payment plan and decide not to continue using the service you are still liable for the full amount originally agreed to and must continue to pay the payment plan.

Assessments and Training

K9confidential shall provide the service for the use of the client. The client may use the service provided only in its original form and only for its original use for the animal named and described within the vet referral or veterinary records supplied with a behaviour consultation, or from email correspondence for training and behaviour consultations. Informing your vet is a requirement before a behaviour consultation can begin and veterinary records can be supplied. In cases where a dog cannot have an examination the veterinary practice must still be informed.

K9confidential will create a behaviour modification/training program related too the problems assessed and will make amendments to the behaviour program as required. These will only be amendments, if a new behaviour problem occurs a new consultation will be required. The client shall agree not to sell, destroy, deface, alter or part with work created by k9confidential or permit it to be done so by a third party. Treatment plans for the most part will not be successful overnight. This requires a good deal of patience. K9confidential cannot guarantee that this will work, as each animal is an individual case, nor is it possible to foresee if another problem may arise as a result of the treatment. All programs are specific to a certain animal and should not be tried on any other pet.


Persons must be 16 or over, or be supervised by an adult for the training to go ahead

K9confidential holds public liability and care of custody liability insurance along with indemnity insurance.

K9confidential shall have no liability under any circumstance whatsoever to the client for financial loss or loss of profit and will not be held responsible under any circumstances whatsoever to the Client for a lack of time, effort and circumstances where they did not follow any program created.

In no event will k9confidential be liable to the client or any third party for damages or losses or be liable for any loss, injury or liability to the client. It is the clients responsibility to inform third parties of any possible risk.

Data Protection

Precautions are taken to ensure that your information is handled safely. We cannot, however, fully guarantee protection and in such an event we will not accept any liability of any loss thus caused. All financial information is erased after payment is received or payments are handled securely through PayPal.

We will not share or make available the information we hold on our database with any other company or organisation unless under court order.

The new GDPR data protection law comes into effect on may 25th 2018. All the data you provide to k9confidential is given by your consent and is of legitmate and vital interest so I know where to visit to do a consultation and also to enable me to correspond with the client during the support process. Your information is never shared or used in k9confidential marketing without your written consent. All details are password and fingerprint protected and only Samantha and Rita Bailey have access to those details. Only Samantha has access to the personal details about you and your dogs training history. Your information will also be placed onto an automated reminder system where you will receive username and password and To check what information we hold you can visit "your settings" on the site or you can contact the data controller (samantha bailey) on 07734315829. Contents of any texts and emails are kept to keep track of your training history. You can request this information or deletion at any time by contacting samantha bailey. All CCTV footage, if training is carried out at the field, is erased after 48 hours after being reviewed. Only clips kept are for possible insurance claims and these are kept for 7 years. K9confidential is a member of the ICO and you can request too see the certificate at any time. Any breach, once identified, is reported to Supersaas, the ICO and the police. But we do not hold any financial information, only email address, home address, Name and phone number and details of your dogs training and behaviour history. You can request deletion of the account if you do not want these details to be held, but they are vital for you to be able to claim any insurance and will be held for 5 years. Any deletion requests will be completed with 28 days. If day training is involved, your keys are keot in a lock box and only venture out when I visit your property.No information on persons under the age of 16 years old is collected. Any training with a person under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult

Please contact me by phone on 07734 315829 or email to discuss your requirements, book a home visit or a time slot at secure field.

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