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Booking Terms & Conditions


You can purchase credits through the online system to pay for your appointments.

1 credit gets a 30 minute session. You cannot book an appointment without credits in your account.

You have exclusive use and this price includes up to ten dogs and 4 cars.

For every ten credits you get your eleventh free. The credits for your free session add up as you purchase more credits.

You can only book one session per day. And you can book upto 5 weeks ahead. If you want to book further ahead, I can book it for you if your account has credits.

Please inform me if you give your appointment to somebody else, i will need a contact number.

If you decide to cut your appointment short or do not turn up without informing me you will still be charged for the full session booked.

If you do not wish to use the online system you can book and pay over the phone. Payment is always required in advance.

The new GDPR data protection law comes into effect on may 25th 2018. All the data you provide to k9confidential too use the cricklade secure field is given by your consent and is of legitmate interest so you can receive entry codes and access to any free slots or toys for keeping the field poo free. It is also vital to have two contact details so we can reach in in an emergency, such as a field closure or sudden code change. Your information is never shared or used in k9confidential marketing without your written consent. All details are password and fingerprint protected and only Samantha, Rita and John Bailey and Adam Togni have access while manning the phone during field hours. To check what information we hold you can visit "your settings" on the booking site or you can contact the data controller (samantha bailey) on 07734315829. Contents of any texts and emails are kept to keep track of your purchase history. You can request this information or deletion at any time by contacting samantha bailey. All CCTV footage is erased after 48 hours after being reviewed. Only clips kept are for possible insurance claims and these are kept for 7 years. K9confidential is a member of the ICO and you can request too see the certificate at any time. Any breach, once identified, is reported to Supersaas, the ICO and the police. But we do not hold any financial information, only email address, Name and phone number. You can request deletion of the account if you do not want these details to be held, but they are vital for you to be able to use the field. Any deletion requests will be completed with 28 days

Refund Policy

If you make an appointment and cancel it yourself anytime over 24 hours in advance of your start time, the credits will automatically be put back onto your booking account to use for another time at the field. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your start time you need to contact sam on 07734 315829. I will put the credits back onto your online account for three times only for reasons of personal preference. I suggest if you are needing to cancel within 24 hours as you are unhappy with the field condition that you please do not book anything until the condition improves

The three cancellation limit rule does not apply when I have to cancel the slot or when the weather is so bad that the river is at risk of flooding or the field is very muddy and could cause injury or if you have an emergancy or unforseen circumstance.

Returning the cash value of credits into your bank or paypal account is only offered when I need to cancel the appointment or in extenuating circumstances

Please be sure that the appointment you want is available before buying credits as no cash refunds are given except in extenuating circumstances. The credit/s remain in your account to use for another appointment

If you have been using the field and need to close the account please call me to discuss. If moving away or other circumstances where you can no longer use the field you will receive a full cash value refund of the remaining credits in your account (value depends on the package your purchased), not including any free credits that have been accumalated. This will be done by looking at your payment history and deducting any credits used then giving you the remaining value of the original payment that was used to purchase the credits

The Field Rules

Below are just a few rules to help keep you secure while using the field:

Please only use the poo bags provided in the caravan, they are hanging up on the left as you walk in and also hanging near the poo bins. We compost the poo and need to use these specific bags.

We have biosecurity measures in place, but I recommend that your dog is immunised and you do not bring your dogs when they are ill.

The gate code will be texted to your mobile phone. I would recommend keeping it on you during your visit.

The field is appointment only and you have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field or car park while you are using the field.

There are 10-minute gaps between the end and start of each appointment to allow you time to leave before the other person arrives. You must leave the car park before the next appointment start time.

If you arrived late to your appointment, you must still leave after your appointment slot is finished. Please contact me if you do arrive late and I can let you know if anybody is after you and extend the appointment if I can. Anybody who overstays more than three times will be banned from the field.

If you arrive early and see a car in the car park or somebody using the field please remain outside and opposite the six foot silver gate. An area off the track has been levelled for this purpose. Once the other car has vacated the field, they will close the gate. If they stay past your start time and do not appear to be leaving, please call me on 07734315829.

Once the field is vacated you can drive to the gate, input the code, swing the gate to the block (hook it up in windy weather) and it swings back and stops. Drive into the field and close the gate. You do not have to re input the code to close the gate, just gently push it closed.Please always drive into the field, we are not permitted to park outside the field, it is only a waiting area.

The car area is has 6ft fencing so once the gate is closed and you can let your dogs out of the car.

A disinfectant mat is provided to clean paws and shoes on entering and leaving.

The inner gate has two locks, please use both to ensure the gate is totally secure on entry and exit.

If anybody comes through the silver gate while you are using the field please call me immediately on 07734 315829, as people need to wait outside.

You have the use of the caravan which has a toilet, first aid kit, umbrellas, towels and disinfectant. There is a rubbish bin on the right as you walk in, this is for food or toy rubbish. The bin near the entrance is only for dog poo. There is fresh water in the water butt and a watering can to wash down any loose poo.

The equipment is for canine use only. We do not take any responsibility for any human injury caused by them using any equipment.

On leaving the field, please always close the inner gates and the outer gate, even if somebody is waiting to come in. I ask everybody to do this to ensure everyone knows the code.

The field has 6ft fences and is dug in by 1.5 ft in the inner field. However, if your dog is able to jump high fences the field will not be totally secure.

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